Monday, September 28, 2009


Yup, yup. Windows Live Writer couldn’t be used with that template, so I changed it to this :).

Weeelll. Lets see. What’s new…

Sam left; Rachel’s leaving.

“A Crazy Little Thing called Love”, by the Footstool Players.

Rachel’s farewell party :).

My “poisonous” Chocolate Pound Cake which slowly poisons you, making you die by 80 years --- (14 + 80 = 94, very very long life) Don’t have any pictures of it, though, it got eaten up too quickly. (Nah, just kidding, it took about 4 days to finish it :(, Had to force some to eat it too. Haha.

Hari Raya! Didn’t get invited by any Malay friends for any open houses, though :(.

Time to bodek-bodek them :P.

I’m missing my pens terribly much :(. I left my pen case, along with my drum sticks and notebook, in Abel’s car. Oh well. I’ll have to make do with David’s present :) Hohoho.

I like Vivaldi(this font), and the real Vivaldi, too :).

That’s it…? :)

Exams are here, and my mother is worrying and nagging and blahing a lot, so, yeah, updates will be scant :(.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pen pen pen pen pen!

Jon invaded the flea market in Ipoh, hoping to run off with some pens(fountain pens, mind you). But his mother and father walked soooo quickly, he had to quickly glance through everything, missing much things.

Oh well. I shall try again next week! Mwahahahaha!

Friday, September 11, 2009


That’s what happened to my legs today. I dipped them into water that is between 42 – 50 degrees Celsius, so did Sam, Joy and Papa and Mama.

We went to the Hot Springs in “Sung Kai”(?). It was hot! The water can reach to 100 degrees Celsius, bubbling and boiling!

You can smell sulphur, which smells like rotten eggs, too!. :)

But before we went there, the car broke down…

So, we waited for the tow-truck.

From 9.30a.m., till almost about 12p.m..


After cooking ourselves in hot water, we went to Kampar to makan.

Then we came home.


I skipped school, too.


Time to change blog template :P

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


The Donkey is trying his hand(or hoof) at Copperplate. It’s rather hard. But..!!  Hohoho!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Back back back!

Sam is coming back~! It seems rather fast, just about 6 months passed this quickly. Hohoho!

I wonder how fat he became. :P

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