Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Exams in 5 more days! So not prepared. The more exercises I do, the more I find out how much I don’t know. What have I been doing this whole year?! Not panicking yet, though. I’m not exactly the panicky kind, or so I think. So help me God, help me remember stuffs and understand concepts foreign!

Deciding whether to take on more tuitions next year. I’ll self-study first through the holidays and see what comes. Hopefully I study. Haha


Games planning for camp is better than I can ever hope for. Nothing energizes me more than a group of creative bunch that don’t just agree with every suggestion I make, but actually fight and contribute, making the initial plan much better than I had ever imagined Smile. I can honestly say I’m waiting for exams to be over in a hurry so we can get started on the work.

Excite excite!

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