Saturday, November 27, 2010

WEIRD thought.

I suddenly thought of those not-so-important-but-important-enough-characters in novels. Then I thought, huh, why does it sound so much like what I do most of the time.

They seem to have no problems themselves. Goodness, their role in the novel is help solve the protagonist’s problems. All in the name of character development.

But truth is, they do have problems. They face troubles, sometimes even troubles greater than what the protagonist faces. It’s only when suddenly he/she breaks down, goes missing, gets involved in crime…... that something about that character is revealed. Otherwise, he/she is taken for granted.

And he/she doesn’t mind, usually. He/she takes great measures so the protagonists have a great time, have all their problems solved, putting their interests before his/hers.

But what does he/she gets in return? Novels kill them off, or let them go forgotten. They are no longer needed. What’s interesting is the hero/heroine.


But that’s what Christ is telling us to become, right? To recognize your role, your calling, and live up to it. No matter if you won’t be center-stage. No matter if you won’t be appreciated. God sees, and he never forgets. and He’ll surely reward justly.

One key difference is that you don’t hide your problems deliberately. Share it, find a friend, never mind if they can’t really help; just let it out. OhgoodnessthisissoundinglikesomeDearThelmasection

But then again, this is just what I think. Not completely thought out yet….

To obscurity and beyond!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Lalalalala :)))))

I’m so blessed. SO many people going around down with some sort of sickness… or “down-ness”, but not me! Mwahahahahha

I don’t even feel tired now! :O.

VBS is over. Thank God. Really. First time I played till my arms got tired. My elbows actually felt sore >.>’.

I actually remembered all my kids’ names :D!

Thank God for Xiu Ming who did so many many things :). If I could change SC2’s, I would not change Xiu Ming awayyy. Though maybe he might want to be someone else’s SC2, not my problem.


Back to normal routine……..?


I really don’t know where to start on this. It’s such a big thing.


So much work went into just preparing it. From the planning, logistics, the props, decor, drama, worship, sound, lights, and the days themselves.

It’s events like these that stresses the importance of unity in the Body. Everyone, every part, doing their share of work. Contributing to the overall success of the event. If one part does their job well, the others will follow suit; if one does their job badly, the others will deteriorate as well =/.

No time for emo-ing.


I like my kids :). They are so typical of primary chinese school students, yet so different. For one, their English is actually good. >.>’ Not that I like them just because of their English but anyway.


Go boys! Will the girls win again this year? I hope not =/.




Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dum dee dummm

I actually like breaking social norms and make people squirm. Lalala.

Until other people whom I’m not familiar with do it back to me. EEP.

The golden rule.


VBS is next week.

The end of MYF, session 2010, ends next week.

Christmas is next month. So so very soon.

Youth Quake is next month.


I’m home alone! :D.

Before you go, “aiyerr, so good wan”. Let me tell you, I’ve heard that enough times, and it’s not a good thing. You’ve to clean up the house, do all the chores you didn’t have to do when your mum’s around, FIND TRANSPORT for every single outing (thank GOD I’ve such good friends :)))), COOK, plan ahead, buy groceries, get paranoid over weird noises at night…..

I’m so blessed la, my sister calls to check on me, asking weird questions. Then my mum’s friend calls to check on me, asking more questions. They all seem to be very concerned about my pet. Huh.

Weird thing is: whenever I tell an adult that I’m home alone, they’ll ask how are you, why you didn’t go, want to come my house to eat? Of course, I say fine; because I don’t like travelling; Nah, it’s all right :), I can cook :))). Then I realize how blessed I am.

I know, that sounds rather superficial. But their offers are genuine, and they give me food even without me asking.

Then I realize how right my mother has been, teaching me to be independent, teaching me to cook, do chores, get around. I’m glad she didn’t hire a kakak to do everything for me. Though, of course, I’m still lazy and would run away from chores, anytime! Now, there’s no running, if I go out, leaving them undone, I still have to do it when I come back.

Ah, long post :).

Thank God, really.

Monday, November 1, 2010

I’m an ungrateful brat. Really!

I asked for so many things from God. Big things. Small things. Not so big or small things. I either get them or I don’t. Weird thing is, I complain more often when I get it than when I do not.

Repeat after me: Jon is an ungrateful person [understatement!]. (Or maybe I’m just weird, whichever makes you happier) [or both]

For example, I asked God to break my heart for what breaks His, to see things as He sees them. He did. What I saw was truly heart-breaking. And I for a moment just went, why why why did I have to know, see all these things happening around me.

He answered. I wasn’t thankful. I wasn’t prepared, or so I thought.

But God enables us to be strong in the midst of trouble. He gives us only what we can bear, just almost, at any single time, with his help.

I could’ve went all depressed and moody; let the emotions run free; wallow about; complain more. But what good would that do to anyone? What good would that even do to me?

I could’ve went all cynical and skeptical about everyone; forever suspicious of others; having no faith. The question remains.

Not to say I feel great all the while. Who can? The occasional feelings of unworthy-ness, self-pity (I know, right), superiority yet at the same time inferiority (told you I’m weird >.>’), comes back. Old “comrades”; “allies”; the enemy and I are one and the same. Am I such a bad person to have such things? I’m starting to think I’m a perfectionist deep down >.>’.

But I will not indulge in them. As “nice” as it may be to do so, it’ll not make me feel better. It’s a slope of gradual descents. Of course, I will pass these feelings up to Christ. And they will bow to the lordship of Jesus. They do not control me; the reins are in my hands, and I pass them to Christ.

Ahem. Put simply: I’ve got Jesus, Jesus; He calls me for His own~ And He lifts me, lifts me, above the world I knoowww~~ :D

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