Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dum dee dummm

I actually like breaking social norms and make people squirm. Lalala.

Until other people whom I’m not familiar with do it back to me. EEP.

The golden rule.


VBS is next week.

The end of MYF, session 2010, ends next week.

Christmas is next month. So so very soon.

Youth Quake is next month.


I’m home alone! :D.

Before you go, “aiyerr, so good wan”. Let me tell you, I’ve heard that enough times, and it’s not a good thing. You’ve to clean up the house, do all the chores you didn’t have to do when your mum’s around, FIND TRANSPORT for every single outing (thank GOD I’ve such good friends :)))), COOK, plan ahead, buy groceries, get paranoid over weird noises at night…..

I’m so blessed la, my sister calls to check on me, asking weird questions. Then my mum’s friend calls to check on me, asking more questions. They all seem to be very concerned about my pet. Huh.

Weird thing is: whenever I tell an adult that I’m home alone, they’ll ask how are you, why you didn’t go, want to come my house to eat? Of course, I say fine; because I don’t like travelling; Nah, it’s all right :), I can cook :))). Then I realize how blessed I am.

I know, that sounds rather superficial. But their offers are genuine, and they give me food even without me asking.

Then I realize how right my mother has been, teaching me to be independent, teaching me to cook, do chores, get around. I’m glad she didn’t hire a kakak to do everything for me. Though, of course, I’m still lazy and would run away from chores, anytime! Now, there’s no running, if I go out, leaving them undone, I still have to do it when I come back.

Ah, long post :).

Thank God, really.

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