Saturday, November 27, 2010

WEIRD thought.

I suddenly thought of those not-so-important-but-important-enough-characters in novels. Then I thought, huh, why does it sound so much like what I do most of the time.

They seem to have no problems themselves. Goodness, their role in the novel is help solve the protagonist’s problems. All in the name of character development.

But truth is, they do have problems. They face troubles, sometimes even troubles greater than what the protagonist faces. It’s only when suddenly he/she breaks down, goes missing, gets involved in crime…... that something about that character is revealed. Otherwise, he/she is taken for granted.

And he/she doesn’t mind, usually. He/she takes great measures so the protagonists have a great time, have all their problems solved, putting their interests before his/hers.

But what does he/she gets in return? Novels kill them off, or let them go forgotten. They are no longer needed. What’s interesting is the hero/heroine.


But that’s what Christ is telling us to become, right? To recognize your role, your calling, and live up to it. No matter if you won’t be center-stage. No matter if you won’t be appreciated. God sees, and he never forgets. and He’ll surely reward justly.

One key difference is that you don’t hide your problems deliberately. Share it, find a friend, never mind if they can’t really help; just let it out. OhgoodnessthisissoundinglikesomeDearThelmasection

But then again, this is just what I think. Not completely thought out yet….

To obscurity and beyond!

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