Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Best Side to Be

Even if you’re right, it’s better to be on the side that goes, “I’m sorry”.

Because, then, the other side has an either-or option---to forgive, or to hold the grudge, which would make him/her/them look childish and unforgiving.

Besides, “sorry” works wonders on wounded pride, egos and anger; it’s much easier to bring him/her/them to your point of view when he/she/they are calmer.

Anyway, saying sorry requires lots of effort and inner-strength. It kills the proud :D.


Using “sorry” like this:-

“I’m sorry I fell in love with you, sorry I gave everything you wanted, sorry I was there for you all the time”

That’s not apologizing. That’s something called GUILT-TRIPPING. Because, what is the person being “apologized” to going to respond? It’s all right, I liked it when it happened?

Reminds me of some parents in movies:-

Parent to teen: ”Well, I’m sorry for giving you the best!”

Best way to counter?

Teen: ”It’s all right; I didn’t really need the best, anyway.”

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