Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Camp 2011

So, it was cold. So, it was like totally drama. So, it was torturous and tiring. So?

I learnt something new each day. Being camp papa was no piece of cake, but it wasn’t that hard---we had pastor, and the older ones to help. Without them, camp would be a nightmare. Really.

But yeah, I shall try my best to put down a chronicle of events, according to my P.O.V. la.


Day One

I wasn’t early to get to church; I wasn’t late either. So by the time I got to church, there weren’t anything to do! Everything was already loaded up on the bus, everyone was already lined up according to their buses. Good start, good start. Heh heh heh

Anyway, we prayed and left Ipoh. The journey was uneventful. Got to know some people, or rather, I just got to know their names. Saw Nicholas’ cousin and saw that he really was very leng zhai. Hohohohohoho. But anyway!

The bus left us somewhere far from Chefoo itself, so we had to walk up, with the heavy luggages and stuff. And then it started drizzling. Not so good start. But anyway, we managed to unload the drum set, and props, and stuff. Uncle Xiu Ming sent the people to their dorms.

Orientation! Sent them to sit with their games groups. Had them play charades to get their team colour. They had to act out stuff like maggie mee, strawberry, frying rice. I was in the eating mood. Hahahaha. They got to decorate their umbrellas! And then they advertised them. All sorts of lame stuff came out. But at least most of them realize an umbrella is used to protect you from the elements… Don’t know where all the genie-genie stuff came out all. Then it was free time. And there was much rejoicing! For dear campers. Committee had to prepare stuff for the games that will be on the next two days.

Dinner. Session. Oh guess what, I didn’t bathe! :D. We learnt about remaining on the altar, not just jumping off it when it gets hot, too intense for comfort.

Games committee had a meeting that went on til 11+.

‘Hey hey, it’s light’s out now, go back to your dorms and sleep!’

‘Is everyone in here?’

‘Remember, morning devotions tomorrow morning at 7:45! Meet at the hall!’


Day Two

Having to wake up early is sad. Having to wake up early when it’s cold is just mean D;. Having to wake up early in the cold, and have no hot water to shower in… D’;. So yeah, I didn’t shower.

The cold was still tolerable. Energy levels still moderately high for me. We had our devotions. I honestly can’t remember completely what it was about. See, I’m so not a morning person.

Session. When we remain on the altar, we've to continually remove the ashes so the fire can burn brightly, unhindered. What are the ashes in our lives? Sin. Baggages. Then Ps. Steven hit us with the hardball: List out 10 major sins/baggages in your life that are affecting you now. After that, share about them with your discussion group. Hard stuff to do. I’m amazed how some people can put out their vulnerable side and be honest. But of course, there are also some that are still cautious, not wanting to open up.

Lunch! Mad dash to finish the food and then rush out to prepare stuff for station games later. Fun.

I get to press the button to sound the siren! ;D. There was once I pressed it like 5 minutes too early. Whoops. People got all muddy. And then they stepped onto the clean, white-tiled floor in the hall. Horror. Grab ALL the mops! Mop ALL the stains! Many people got cuts and bruises here and there. Nothing life-threatening. Yet. Then Timothy got bitten by a spider on the toe and it swelled up a little. Still he went on playing. Kenneth got hit on one eye by a very straight-flying slipper, and he chickened out on all the other dirty games. But anyway, the caretaker freaked out when she saw all the muddy mess. Field is now forbidden area. –dum dum dummmmmm-

Really. I forgot how many times I wrung the mop dry.

After games and all, we sent the dirty, muddy people to go wash up. Committee stayed behind to pack up stuff and clean up, and then get ready for Fun Night. Sweep sweep sweep, mop mop mop. I seriously hope we don’t get blacklisted at Chefoo! D;

Dinner. Found out I didn’t really have urgent stuff to attend to. So I took a shower! Aaaaaaah :D. For my life I can’t remember if I had hot water. I think I did. hehehehehehe. Then mad dash to dress and run to the chalet to get ready for Fun Night. I get to wear my crazy hat and be very campy. Ho ho hooooo

It was indeed a carnival. What with tigers and gypsies all. And then some palm reader got murdered. Then I had to trip over a dog (or so they say, I couldn’t see, it was dark, okay!) while running to close the door. Epic. The dog ran away from me after that every time I went near it.

Then, stuff happened. It was all right for the first thirty minutes. I saw someone on the floor, Henry, surrounded by one huge crowd. My heart stopped. I ran to get the first aid kit. But it couldn’t help him. I called pastor. ‘Keep calm, everyone, go on, go on, don’t dally here!’. I didn't have a clue what happened. Just bits and pieces from people. It might be a fracture. It might be dislocated…… The ambulance came about 30 minutes after.

I pronounced the mime dead. Apparently half the groups didn’t know who the mime was. –sigh-. And it all went downhill after that. People were getting all restless. People were getting frustrated. Reports of the poor station masters getting yelled at, or cursed at got to me. Someone wanted to punch me. I didn’t know what to do. I pronounced the gypsy dead.

I ended the night with proclaiming the acrobat dead. The murderer was the tight-rope walker because she became a little wonky after being shunned by everyone else. 3 groups got it. The whole committee was discouraged. The clowns felt so guilty and sad. Irony. We prayed as a group, for Henry, for everything else to go smooth, for protection, for strength to go on. No time for wallowing---we went on to pack up and clean up.

Everyone in the committee was feeling a little numb already.

Little comforts like milo with whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

Room keys getting missing. Spending time looking around for them. Giving up, assigning people to sleep somewhere else. Henry had to go down to Ipoh for an operation when the x-ray showed that he had a fracture.



Day 3

His mercies are new each morning. His love endures forever. He is good, and faithful. I find out that, miraculously, when the team at Ipoh did another x-ray on Henry, the fracture lines weren’t there anymore. Henry didn’t need to be hospitalized for Christmas anymore. No major operation. Just some pain til he recovers. Thank God.

Woke up super late, but in time to brush the teeth. So, yeah, no shower. I remember about the wise mum who puts the vitamins in the cookies for her picky son. Not day 3’s devotion? Whoops, okay.

Session was about adding, I think. Are you adding to your spiritual life so you can grow and be mature? Are you stuck at conversion and never moving forward? Why not surrender it all to God? Why do you sing this and that and never even do this?

For the first time, I was put in charge of a station, together with Nicole, for Amazing Race! I was super lenient with all of the people who came to my station. They were all done in less than 5 minutes. Hahahaha. Oh, and it was raining.

The first team arrived at the finishing line in less than an hour. More like, 40 minutes! I was like, huh? –Calls Ken Xin- -Call didn’t get through- -Calls Li Xin- ' “Eh! One group finish already worrrrr!!” “Yeah, I know ah, Timothy’s group, right?” “Oh, okay, you all are team number one”. Super blur. You know you are super charismatic when people use your name to refer to the group when you’re not even the team leader. First group to come in was Joanna Ooi’s group. Last, was Wai Khay’s. Sad, considering his team was the best for both fun night and station games.

Mop mop mop, sweep sweep sweep. AAAAH CRICKET WORMMMSSSSLSARHAOSHRSROASORSAJORJ. Seriously, Ken Xin.

Practice for Christmas Celebration. Joyous affair, really. I get to eat marshmallows with chocolate syrup. Then I went all hyper on the sugar, or something. I loved dinner. Oooooooh Hooooooly Niiiiiiighttttttt.

Then someone had to suggest Majesty. Oh darnnnnn. Never mind. I’m doing this for God. Whack all I can. It is after all, a very boring, fun song to do. Then the drama came up. Bryan and Beverly did a superb job. The mood was set. Then Uncle Xiu Ming came out……

Games. Then prize giving time! Orange^2, Allegro, Strawberry Spiders. In that order. But, because of all the numerous complaints that I received about Orange^2, we put them to second place instead. In retrospect, we should’ve just taken them out of the placing, another team deserved the spot more. Oh well, it’s over. Everyone was happy, anyway, so it didn’t really matter.

Pack up. Clean up. Sleep. Dorm Wars didn't happen. Sorta. It happened for 10 minutes la, then pastor Elaine showed up. I was sound asleep. Hahaha. I know, sound asleep for the last night in camp. Bummer!


Day 4

Almost everyone was late for devotions. Tired and zombie-like.

Session today was about rearranging priorities, like how you rearrange the meat on the barbecue so it cooks better. Heh. I was trying hard not to fall asleep throughout the session. So not a morning person D:.

At least there're no games today, rest for the committee! Sent campers to pack up their stuff and bring luggages to the hall. Then it was wild camera snapping time. >.>

Anyway, I managed to steal shortbread from people. Mwahahahha. Such kind souls. The bus came late. Nobody wanted to claim this pair of zebra shoe-slipper-footwear-thing, so it's with me now.

The bus ride back, I just felt so happy. It's over. For the first time, ever. Since when do you feel happy because camp is over? My business relationship with Natasha thus ended. Heheheh! I wasn't happy just because of that though! No more speaking into the megaphone. Ah, sound of my own voice, shooo! :D.

Okay, weird moment. But it was sad to see everyone leaving like that. Were their needs met? Did they get to have a touch from God this camp? Did they leave with their lives changed, however small a change? How long will that change last?

Henry was there when we arrived back at church! He's alive! and walking! and well! Seriously, thank God.


So yeah, that's camp. Ups and downs. Totally drama. Totally tiring. Totally awesome.

God, God, what have you in store for me?

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