Sunday, May 10, 2009

Double Dutch

Today was a very nice day:

I played for MYF,

I socialized (sort of :P),

Dearest Crystal and Nicole planned another surprise birthday thingie:

At first, I was talking to Joseph, then suddenly, I heard people singing “Happy Birthday”. I thought they were singing for someone else, so I joined in, loudly.

Then, Joseph went, “they are singing for you lah!” Then I went “No, no, no!”. But the cake came to me.

The cake was perfectly yummy, and filling too!

Thank you superbly much, Crystal and Nicole! Remind me to get you each a garbage cake and a carrot cake. :P

I…. uh… what did I do? I… did many other things! :)

Hahahaha. Too bad this donkey has a sieve for a brain.


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