Sunday, May 24, 2009


Oh, the shade of colour it is when delivered on paper, through a nib. The perfect shade! Oh, the elusive perfect shade of colour – the amount of black, blue….. mixed together to make the perfect shade!

In a quest to make it – with my very limited ink supplies – I sort of found it! Though, it needs more blue.



The very messy workplace, though it was just reorganized, it was much more messy, with everything everywhere.


Bottles of ink! (L – R) My own mix of Hero Blue-Black and Calligraphy Black ink, Hero Blue-Black Ink, Hero Blue Ink and Calligraphy Black Ink.

Hero Ink because of it’s cheapness – RM1.50 per bottle! Haha

Calligraphy Ink is RM8.50, though…



-gasp- The syringe! To get the exact quantities of ink, and to refill my cartridges, though I rarely to it. Not to take drugs, unless you count ink as a drug… Hmmmm…


Blue-Black! Notice the shading of blue going to black? It is highly unnoticeable by ballpoint pen users. Haha :P



Price to pay


My fingers here are contorted awkwardly so the camera could take in all of them, Haha.


Inky fingers! But then, they are easily washed off, unless they get into the nails… Erps.

Donkey’s going for a pedicure and a manicure :P.


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