Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Just realized that doing a deed is not as hard as telling someone about it.


From today onwards, I declare all my fountain pens(actually, I have none usable right now) not for sharing. Someone in school sprung my one and only pen’s nib with his ogre strength pressing down onto paper when writing with it, and now, it writes as if it was scratching dry parchment. How I wish… Never mind.

Sigh, time to go shop for another cheap pen – I can’t stand ballpoints anymore. Haha. Though rollerballs are still fine.


When I am poor,

I know I’m rich.

For in the power of your name,

All things are poss-i-ble!

:) My all-time favorite song, in my all-time favorite album, All Things are Possible, along with Touching Heaven Changing Earth, and By Your Side.

Yes, call me old-fashioned. Haha :)

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