Sunday, July 5, 2009


That best describes how I think, I think…

That holds true especially if I’m trying to answer “Why” questions.

It usually goes like this:-

“What did he just say?! Does this mean that he wants to do this? Does this mean that he stands for this cause, this… principle? Doesn’t he know that it isn’t right? But then again, maybe that principle is right, it supports this value and that thing… but, it also promotes this and that – how can something that promotes this and that be good?”


It is definitely much more longer, but I cut it short to not bore you all with my thinking. Haha :)


Whoop. Post edited. 5/7/2009, 9.50 p.m.

This post is subject to severe editing. Dear readers, you all shall have to wait till I collect my round-a-bout thoughts. Hahah :)

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