Sunday, October 18, 2009


Youth was surprisingly good :). I like playing slippers more than captain ball, period. I suppose that’s because I like dodging and throwing things at people. Haha :P


It’s Sunday, here goes:-

Dear God,

       Thank you for whatever happened last week --- you being with me during the exams, comforting me, helping me in ways unimaginable; strengthening me when I felt I had to give in. But I’m weak --- I still gave in.

       Sorry. Please help me, Lord, not to do it again, not to give in to temptation, this week and after. Thank you, God, for taking away my worries during MYF today. I believe now, nothing I can do will change your plan --- all I have to do it follow it :).

      I pray, Lord, please let this week be a week that I will glorify your name. Let whatever I do be worship unto you. Bless my work. Help me feel awed by your power and majesty, please.

     But above all, let your will be done; but please, listen to this prayer. Thank you, lord, amen.

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