Sunday, October 25, 2009

Red Feet

The playground at church dyed my feet red. I hope it goes away soon =/.

To Kill A Mockingbird is nice! Though, I may be just echoing the thousands of people who read it…


I don’t like people who talk and do nothing.

I dislike those who complain and do nothing.

I hate those who backstab and complain about others, and do nothing about it. I suppose they have not the guts enough to say it up front to the person, and instead of helping, they just choose to talk bad about the person. It is most “angry-fying”.



Oh, wow! A long post :P.


Buddhism is a so-confusing religion! But it’s not a religion, it’s more like a “spiritual philosophy”, since it has no Absolute Creator God.

Thank God Christianity isn’t so confusing and mixed-up like Buddhism :)!


Jon wants an oblique-penholder =(.


It’s Sunday, here goes:-

Dear God,

       It has been a great-great week. I thank you for it. Please, Lord, let this week be a great one, too, filled with your joy and love.

      Lord, help me dull this sharp tongue of mine. It lashes out at people, hurting them. I pray that you would give me the strength to control it, and the patience to put up with some people. Please help me see things in your perspective.

      I’m sorry, for the many-many bad things I did last week. I truly regret them, for it shows that I tried to push you out of my mind, even with you willingly offering your help. Please forgive me. Help me.

      Youth Camp is drawing near. I pray that the planning will go well, that the location won’t be changed, causing inconveniences. I pray for the people I asked to go, to go :). But most of all, let your will be done.

      People are having their exams now. I pray that you will calm them down, ease their worries away, fill them with your joy :). Help them to remember what they studied, and to understand the questions.

      Please, help me put you first in everything. I realize I constantly push you aside, forgetting you are there.

      Dear Lord, above all, let my actions be praises unto you, worship unto you, glorifying you, lifting your name up high :).

      Thank you, Lord. Amen.

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