Saturday, April 3, 2010


I’m troubled.

I’m rather unhappy, unsatisfied, about the way things are. I see my friends. I weep for them. Why stay the way they are, stuck, uninterested, chasing worldly pursuits; when they can acquire the joy that Jesus is? Maybe ignorance is bliss.

Why aren’t they excited about Jesus? Why aren’t they putting Jesus in His rightful place in their hearts? Why isn’t Jesus the centre?

This isn’t the first time I felt this. Is this God’s calling for me? Is this my burden? To bring about a fresh renewal, a fresh revival, a fresh reverence for the Lord, to the generation? Everything else seems of less importance.

But I’m young. Why would they listen? The Bible says that none is ever too young, nor too old… Yet, I fear. Where is my trust, my faith, when I need it most? Where is this courage? Why should I fear? If God wants revival to come, it will come. In torrents, in floods.

Yet, what am I doing here?

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