Monday, June 28, 2010

12 steps to beautiful handwriting :)

1. Learn to hold a pen correctly.

A correct pen grip would be loose and comfortable.

This grip can be done by putting your hand on the table, resting on the side of your hand, pinkie below. Let your hand relax. Put a pen/pencil in the middle of the three fingers that come together---the thumb, index and middle finger. Voila!

When writing with a correct pen grip, it must be loose enough for someone to grab the pen away from you.

2. Relax.

3. Slow down. Concentrate on the letter forms.

4. Using the fingers only to form the letters will cause cramped letters, and cramped hands. Ouch.

5. Use your whole arm to write, with the elbow as a pivot. The arm should rest on the table, with the elbow jutting out from the table a few inches.

6. Never let your hand be “anchored” on the table by the wrist. Instead, the three contact points of the hand to the table are: the pinkie, pen, and the fleshy part of the hand, below the pinkie.

7. A nice pen motivates nice writing.

8. Learn a style, if you wish, like italics or cursive.

9. Have a spacious place to write.

10. Move the paper, not the position of the arm. That is, move only from the elbow, don’t lift the entire arm to write on the right side of the page after writing on the left. Rather, move the book/page. Also, the paper should be slanted somewhat to the left, though not perpendicular to you.

11. A book that opens flat is great! No hindrances to writing :).

12. Enjoy it. Your handwriting may be the most beautiful ever, but if you don’t enjoy the writing or the act of writing it, it’ll be the most ugly to you.

Beautiful handwriting :). I hope these steps helped in achieving it. You may take some time getting used to them.


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  2. its is an interesting steps ive learned correctly to have a beautiful hand-writing


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