Monday, July 5, 2010

Hillsong Australia is Coming to Ipoh!

11 August 2010

7:30p.m. till around 11p.m.

Syuen Hotel

Admission Free!

First 1000 gets a wrist-band :).

Just e-mail your details---name, address, contact number, school/uni, church---to

If you want more info, call 010-3701546 (Priscilla), I assure you, she’s pleasant to talk to. Haha :).

I urge you, please please please go, and if you already are going, spread the news! Invite your friends!


  1. Argh!! i want to go!! but too far. =( how come they don't come to KL?

  2. Well, they're coming to Ipoh now to "test the waters", sort of, as it's their first time in Malaysia. :).
    I'm sure they'll go to KL one day; pray!

  3. no la, they've been to Malaysia before! they were in KL two years ago for the I-heart thing..IPOH, first time, DEFINITELY! :)

  4. Really? Whoops. Thanks for correcting my false infomation! Haha :).

  5. come penang!! zz

  6. We called the hotel but they said that there's no such event. Why is that?????? Is this a hoax?

  7. Hi anonymous,you can call the hotel again, and check out our facebook page. Pastor Joshua Kimes from the Hillsong team sent us a video. and do come on that day to see for yourself the great thing God's gonna do! :) Oh and you can also email the Hillong College Department and enquire about this event. :)

  8. hi..the i wont be coming for the seminar because i dont have money
    can i still come for the concert thou?


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