Monday, July 12, 2010

You know,

you see those loud, noisy, attention-grabbing people that are your “friends”? It’s your fault they are like that.

We often encourage them to be like that, by giving the person who is the noisiest the most attention. This is all right, until said person dominates each and every conversation at the place he or she is at. Other people who would want to talk to us would be pushed aside, having no chance to speak.

As for those people that resort to controversial topics, loud-jokes-that-aren’t-funny-at-which-people-laugh-at-anyway, and or just being loud, please please please shuuusshhh once in a while! Listening is actually quite fun, too, you know.

I believe the way to pull quiet ones out of their shell is to give them attention, put the focus on them, and actually listen to them. That also means giving the noisy, dominant people less attention, which I think is a good thing; they’ve too much already!

I knoooowww, this isn’t a very good solution; but it’s the best I can think of now :P.


  1. ahemmm.. like you're not noisyyyy.. :P

  2. But what if the noisy ones just don't like talking much? D:

  3. You mean the quiet ones? Well, then at least they are not just simply pushed aside; they can easily participate in the conversation if they want to---no need to shout and scream to get attention! :P They won't feel left out la.


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