Sunday, September 5, 2010

Oh, blessed release.

So I did it; goodbye, Facebook! Till we ever meet again.

I’d rather use more effort to cultivate real relationships through, best---directly, or through emails, phone calls, smses, or even msn; and not make it a public affair where everyone sees everything.

You wish someone Happy Birthday just because Facebook tells you so. No need for you to remember. No effort! And we’ve gotten so lazy that Facebook has to remind us to “say hi to [person]!”. Is that the way we should live?

I keep my blog cause it’s a way to rant and share thoughts that I think isn’t too revealing or private.

So, yeah. Call/SMS/IM/Email me; Facebook takes the easy way out in relationships---ashamed of something? Just delete it.

Better yet, write me a letter :P.


Take away this need to be recognized =/. It’s between me and you only.

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  1. Haha. Facebook chat is a verreh good excuse! And I use Facebook to keep track of the numerous birthdays that our phones cannot save, and also so that I can send a _much more personal_ sms or call them up :)

    And yes I'm not a gigantic wall-post fan, but i reciprocate when people do, it's the polite thing, you! =D <3 you Wai Jon! Random <3 =D


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