Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dum dee dummm

No matter how high I go, or how low, I still need food, water, air, to bathe, and to poop and whatnot. But most of all, I need God :).


Everyone sits on this throne---the toilet! :D


So, I auditioned for the Christmas choir, and got into the bass section. The choir will be led by Juwita Suwito! :O. She came to CGMC before, a year or so ago, and sang some of her songs. She gone on to become much more famous and better, some say even rounder :P; some people consider her to be “Malaysia’s Premier Vocalist”, even!

Ooooh, exciting.




That’s her!


PMR’s coming soon! Perhaps you heard this from me before, but I’m still going to say it: after trials, it’s just like some long horrible movie that just won’t end; thank God it’ll be over in three weeks, this waiting for PMR to come and studying and preparing for it!

Not like I’ve been studying.


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