Saturday, October 2, 2010

Just thinking:

People state the importance of religion, especially when they see all these moral decadence, making it seem like some cure-all for all ills. Yet, when you go onto the topic of religion, they shy away, saying things like, “All religions are inherently good, the non-satanist ones, that is, so choose whichever you like,” or, “All of them teach good things; why don’t you just see which values you like from each, and pick?”

And when they stress the importance of religion, they stress the values part, the teachings. It’s as if they just want to get what they want from religions and ignore commitment.

And then there’s the thing with moral decadence---only YOUTHS are doing it. When you see the titles for essays (especially in Malay test papers), it’s all about youths doing drugs, smoking, somethingortheother…..

What about adults? Are they not responsible for whatever happened? Not to say that youths aren’t responsible for their actions, but adults are the trend-starters. The trend then spreads to the youths.

An adults smoking? Ah, normal scene.

A youth smoking? Oh my goodness! This is bad! Laws should be passed, enforced, made stricter! What the world has got into…!

Well, of course, that’s just exaggeration, but you get what I mean…. right?


I do not endorse smoking; I hate second-hand smoke. It kills everyone around the smokee. Waste of money.

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