Thursday, October 28, 2010

‘cause the World needs more joy :)

Even if you’re sad and down inside; even if you need to cry; even when things seem so overwhelming; even if the pain just won’t go away, put it aside, push it away, look to your friends’ interests, sympathize, empathize.

Perhaps, what you need is more of a dose of helping others, and not a dose of wallowing in self-pity.


For self-pity is such a selfish thing. It encloses you in your own little world. Every difficulty enlarged; every situation against you. You suffer.

Others suffer along.

Selfish, self-centered person!

People try their best to be with you, yet you taint them with your foul mood; destroy the day for them; killjoy.


Nooo! I’m not angry!

Just annoyed.



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