Friday, September 30, 2011

2 weeks + a few days

Yea, I started studying. A small miracle by itself already! The difference now is I actually have a goal in mind now---straight A’s for SPM! Why? Cause I want it. Cause I want to actually make an effort to do something beneficial to my future. I figured out spending so much time socializing isn’t worth the excess time, and effort. People really are fleeting.

Not to say that I’d be a complete nerd starting now; Saturdays and Sundays are my ‘off’ days. No tuitions allowed, if any at all, on those days. And minimal studying, if any. Heh.

After one week (okay, fine, four days. happy?) of sticking to the schedule, I find that I don’t waste as much time. Yea, I still take overly long naps sometimes, I still go on the internet and do stuff, but I’m doing more things in a day than before, now.


October is already upon us. And I wonder, is there enough time for all that is to be done? How do you mobilize a team that isn’t really that eager to start? Where do you find the energy to go on after doing so much? And ultimately, will the much that you did amount to anything, at all?

Still learning, learning. I like the way that things get difficult cause if it stays easy…. it’s not a challenge for long. Forward, forward, forward!

I’m running around cause that’s how jumbled my thoughts are.

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