Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Camps, and packing



I haven’t pack yet. Not intending to. Yet. Maybe later. Heh :P

6 p.m.

Mother came back, noisily, insisting that the clothes must be brought in, wet or not. Gah. The lack of logic is astounding >.<.

6.30 p.m.

Mum noisily “asked” me to pack. So, pack I did. :) Good boy, I am. Backwards, this sentence is.

6.45 p.m

Thank God for the ability of males to pack quickly, unlike their female counterparts, heh :P


Jon is ready to go go go ~!

I’m actually quite scared, joining this camp in which its participants are people I do not know, most. Sigh. But God willing, I’ll be able to “mengenali” more people, and slip by quietly; but I suppose that’s the opposite of what God wants.

I do wish I had the courage, strength and faith of Jehanne d’Arc…

Till then. :)

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