Monday, March 23, 2009


I am wanting for a CF in my school. Anyone can tell me how to start one?



  1. hey there wai jon!!!!! irene here! fm camp! rememba rememba rememba?? haha. somehow found ya blog thru sum links. cool blog eh! oh n bout da cf thing, i think u can try to approach a christian teacher in skool. i'm sure she'll b able 2 help u out a lot. if there aren't any ( D: ) then i think u can juz approach da koko tcha n YOU START ONE! haha. pioneer pioneer. bcome 1st cf president. haha. create history. kakax. will pray 4 ya! rawk on! =)

  2. JONJON! :)

    if koko teacher don't let, then you know what... make illegal one! hahaha. just kidding. talk to you at church bout it. :P i have loads of ideas! muahahahahaha. take care jonjon. careful not to get killed. :P kidding ler.

  3. Well well well. Haha. The most important things to get a CF started in your school. Firstly, prayer. Pray over it, God has perfect timing, better than you, I or any other musician. Lol.

    Secondly, perseverance. If God tells you, "Now is the time", go ahead. You might have obstacles aplenty in front of you, and maybe even people as stubborn as a donkey stopping you. Put persevere.

    Now, return back to the first point. Pray. Then to the second! Then back to the first! And combine them into the most powerful combination, persevering prayer!

    Will include you & your school in my prayers. Lol. Take care.


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