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ISCF Camp ‘09 :)

ISCF Camp was a blast! Miracles happened, people was touched by Him…… The best of all – three[?] people accepted Christ!!

For all those who want to know more what happened in camp, I shall now do a day-to-day narrate on what happened. No pictures though, sadly.

Day One – 17.3.2009, Tuesday

Bus trip there took about 6 hours. So, from 10, till 4. But, the bus driver got lost, and we reached there at about 5.

Carl was entertaining us in the bus, thank God, if not for him, it’ll [the trip] be very less noisy and fun. Oh and, Joon Yang’s sister, Lilian, gave Carl a “love letter”, as we put it, and he forgotten to take it down when we reached the place!


We had briefing (placed into groups…), played ice-breakers and whatnot when we were there. I was placed in Yponomi, you’ll know what it means, later. Heh.

They told us we have to do a sketch too, on Day 3. So, my group, discussed, but our ‘fearless’ leader(AdrianYap) left, claiming that he was busy. So he was, he was doing vocals for the upcoming Session.

We wanted to do the David and Goliath story, because the sketch must have something to do with the Bible, so says Serene.


Then we had siesta! We partied and built sandcastles. I bathed :).


Prayer time. We were told to stand in a big circle, praying for the camp, and for the sessions.


After prayer time was session 1, where we worshipped and praised God. The presence of God just came, like that. It was very… great. The music was played by this very cekap band, so claimed Marcus, but I thought the drummer was too overwhelming. Oh well.

- - - -

Pastor Benjamin was our preacher this camp, but I felt like he was more than that.

Our camp theme is “Unveiled”, taken from 2nd Corinthians 3:18. Pastor talked about this veil that covers us, that hampers our view, that can cause ‘Spiritual Blindness’.

At the end of the preaching, there was ministering, Pastor prayed for us, and many, if not all, fell in the power of the Spirit, some knelt, prostrated, praying.

I was strangely calm and collected, feeling God’s presence, but I didn’t fall or anything, I just knelt down…


Day 2 – 18.3.2009, Wednesday

Woke up at 6.30 from a very disturbed slumber, disturbed by things biting me, I suspect bed bugs and mosquitoes. 7 a.m. went to have “Move it, Move it”, or exercise.

We played this game, its like mouse and cat, but, if you get caught, you’ll have to link hands with the catcher, and catch the others.

Very fun, I escaped them till they got too many, and managed to scale the entire field. Only Abel [Chi] remained free, although he did use desperate measures to avoid them – running under the stilted house, rolling around…


Then it was devotion and sharing! We had devotion groups, so had to say bye to Natasha, who was in my team, Ypomoni, to join Vincent.

It was a rather… quiet devotion, because 1 was someone who wasn’t very good in English, and we had to make use of our poor Mandarin and Cantonese to converse to him. Haha




Session 2 – part 1

Then it was Session 2. It discusses the Father Heart of God, pastor cited the Prodigal Son as the only place where the father ran to the son, and we all know that the father represents God, in a way.

At the end of the session, pastor prayed for us, and then, for those have never been hugged by their fathers, or mothers, he hugged them, and prayed for them, saying that God loves you, He cares, He looks out for you, and He appreciates you.

Session 2 – part 2



We had lunch. Then siesta! My team discussed about the sketch, our fearless leader is with us, this time :). For your information, our team, Ypomoni consists these great people :)

  1. Our Fearless Leader, Adrian Yap
  2. Grace Foo
  3. Natasha Tan Sqwee Rell
  4. Evon, the silent, lala girl :P
  5. Christopher, the wise, but not so wise.
  6. Me! :)

and our overseers

  1. Simon
  2. Rachael


Then we had station games. It was… I rather not describe it. We [my team] got last in this. Sigh sigh sigh :P


Then its free time, siesta! Bathing time, more so.


Prayer. This time, it was more intense.


We had our meal. Dinner, but we’re having a servant’s meal – you have to pair up with someone, preferably boy-boy, girl-girl, and then have each other feed each other. No talking, hand gestures, either.

I was paired up with Jonathan.


Session 3

This sessions talks about us, being champions. We are not losers.

  • David was a champion
  • Your family does not determine your destiny/future; neither does your friends, career, education……
  • Only you can destroy your destiny/future

and so on.

Then pastor prayed for us, ministered.



Day 3 – 19.3.2009, Thursday

Move it, move it, again, but this time, Shaun Nien was in charge. He had us guys put in groups, then do duck walks, roll about, and all that. The girls were exempted, lack of time, so says Shaun.


Then, Devotion and Sharing. Vincent lost his voice – bless him – so we had to combine our group with Simon’s group. This devotion was much more quiet than the 1st one.


Breakfast :).


Session 4

This speaks about the breaking of bondages. Pastor spoke about the Deliverance Ministry that casts out demons.

Demons, he say, aren’t exactly fallen angels. They blind unbelievers, make them oblivious to the truth that they need God. They cripple us Christians, so we may grow in Him.

Demons tempt us, they can use physical obstruction too, and even emotional oppression. That’s how powerful they are. But, with God, we’ll be much more powerful!

Demons can demonize us, its not the same as possessing us, because demonization only involves demons coming and influence a part of our life.

Demons are able to enter us by our

  • Habitual sins, sins you do repeatedly
  • Idolatry
  • Practicing the occult, witchcraft….
  • Listening to some genres of music
  • Generation Curses

How do get free from them?

  1. Humble ourselves
  2. Be completely honest
  3. Confess our sins
  4. Repent
  5. Ask for forgiveness
  6. Renounce our sins, sever all ties to that sin
  7. Prayer

Then, we were given a piece of paper, it contains generally all sins that we do. And we are suppose to tick those that we do. It was a very scary part, because usually, these sins are hidden, not known to many people.

Pastor Ben prayed, casted our demons from us. He says that normal occurrences are people coughing, vomiting, crying, screaming, shrieking… when the demons are leaving you. True enough, that time, the room was filled with people coughing, crying, shrieks, and screams, very terrible, yet nice, because that shows God is in work.


Lunch and siesta.


We were supposed to do our sketch.

But the committee instead made us create an advertisement, a commercial, in 10(or was it 15?) minutes.

I thought was a veil, since the camp theme was “Unveiled”.

Christopher was the bride, and our fearless leader was the groom. Wedding. Groom opens veil, scream.

Pastor(Grace Foo) says, “Where’s your wedding gift?!”. Groom takes something from his you-know-where. And a banana pops out!

It was hilarious and disgusting. That banana wasn’t seen anywhere later. Heh.

We got 2nd place, Carl’s team won :). They deserved it, anyway.


Prayer time! This time, I was strangely detached.


Session 5.

It was kept very short because we’ll be having Mystery Night, and pastor wanted to give us more time to prepare. He talked about ways to keep your freedom, because the evil spirits will try to come back (Matthew 12:43 – 45).


Mystery Night!!

We were in the hall. Gathered in groups. Then the lights went out. Torch lights were switched on. Characters for the game came in.

  1. The Beggar - Serene, with a bowl and oversized shirt
  2. The Doctor - Irene, with the nurse’s uniform.
  3. The Judge - Aaron, with his rubber hammer, hitting everyone and everything in sight, causing it to squeak.
  4. The Gunsmith - Vincent, with a gun dangling from a necklace w/o his voice. Heh.
  5. The Locksmith - Kar Mun, with a padlock dangling from a necklace.
  6. The Baker - Joshua, with a baker’s hat, apron, and rolling pin
  7. The Mime - The very incredible Simon, in full regalia.
  8. The Assassin - Who else? Shaun Nien la. Looking very cool.
  9. The 1st Stepsister- Rachel, who doesn’t choy you.
  10. The 2nd Stepsister- Eunice, who needs a gun to be good.

Serene was the helpful beggar. Simon gave out lots of tips, if you know how to decipher them.

We were supposed to find the password into the room, find the shoe, then find who is Cinderella.

Surprisingly, Cinderella is –drum rolls- Joshua! I suppose the prince likes eating bread.

Then it was sleeping time. Dirty me just washed my face and mouth then slept.


Day Four, last day :( – 20.3.2009, Friday

We have to wake up early to pack up our stuff. I waited till it was 7 before I woke up to bath. No rush, no rush :P.


Then, devotion and sharing! Vincent had his voice back, but still, a very quiet devotion.




Session 6

Talks about champions again.

Pastor talks about the anointing of the Holy Spirit, and the gifts of tongues. I was excited.

Then, pastor prayed for those who haven’t had the gift of tongues, and for those who had, to have them filled with the holy spirit[?].

I got prayed for by someone. I resisted the holy spirit, not wanting to fall, afraid of what might happen. Then… after a few times, I just fell, I let go, let God.

After a while, my jaw felt as if something was moving it. I was speaking in tongues! Praise the Lord! My whole body was jerking, shaking. I don’t know why.

Then after a while, a long while, I tried to sit. It took an effort. When I did sit, I was weak, I almost fell back to the floor again. So I used my hand to prop myself up. Then when I felt okay, I stood up. I walked around, weak. So I sat down, till I was better, then went down to look at the beach. Heh :)


Prize Presentation!!

Needless to say, my group did not win anything. But we were okay with it. Haha :)


Lunch! Had “nga choy gei” or Bean Sprouts with Chicken, with oil rice too!

Then we had to say good bye, and prepare to leave.

It was truly a great camp. I thank God for Serene and Constance, if not for them, I probably wouldn’t have went.


  1. you're welcome!
    but anyway, thank God la
    we couldn't have convinced you if God didn't soften your heart. ;P

  2. fuh!! cekap! how in da worlllddd did u rememba all da details?.... a great account of da camp indeed!:)

  3. nice one.. thanks for being so detailed.. thanks again.. and I'm glad for you. =) God bless

  4. :( i think all my blogging skills went to you. :(

  5. GLAD THAT u really did enjoyed this camp!!!!


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