Wednesday, December 23, 2009

So Much Dramaaaaaa!!

As you all should know, this year’s form 2’s are just soaked in drama, with raging hormones and “I-like-you-and-you-like-me’s”. Definitely the age of instant-gratification, now… :(

How I wish that we can freely associate with one another without thinking that the other person is a potential target, or whether that person sees you as one. By “target”, I mean “girlfriend” or “boyfriend”, a term widely used these days.

The media is pushing it; the celebrities are endorsing it, having boy/girlfriends of their own. But is it something God wants us to have? Are you sure it is really the one God wants you to be with, or just a passing infatuation? It’s hard to find out. But 3 times, in Song of Songs, the Bible says “Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.”.

Which is to say, don’t simply arouse these feelings until you’re ready. Not that you can’t have feelings for anyone, but you don’t arouse it by purposely being close with person, touching him/her, talking/sms-ing/IM-ing him/her all day long and having this sense of “ownership” over him/her --- he/she can do whatever he/she likes and you can only influence them to a certain extent, no forcing.

That guy/girl beside you can be your closest friend for life. Why settle for a brief but intense “romance”? Broken hearts and relationships, tears are the things that comes, unless both party is mature enough to know that they aren’t meant to be, and break away peacefully without any untoward feelings.

So, friends, I’m only saying this because I care --- Guard your hearts. That guy/girl beside you? Be a friend, a good friend, or even their best friend. Please don’t ruin everything by wanting them to be your “boy/girlfriend”. I’m also saying this because I’m rather tired of all this drama, people emo-ing about in church. COME ON! Church is NOT a place where you scout for potential lovers.

I wish I can rant on. But I’d rather not. I shall wait and see. and throw oranges.

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