Friday, December 4, 2009

Dr. Fish

Don’t go Kenzo Foot Reflexology and Fish Spa! Their Fish isn’t the real Dr. Fish!!

Don’t say I didn’t warn youuu. Du duu duuuu


KL was…. good? :) It was fun.

I prefer Ipoh, with it’s good food, good prices and free roads. :P. And it’s cleaner (well, a little) air.

Though, I wish Ipoh had more shops!! Especially pen shops :P and paper boutiques. Though I think I’ll be broke all the while then. Haha :). Anybody knows where in Ipoh sells nice paper?


Gah! Just 2 or so more weeks till Youth Camp!! Wooaah. Practices, haven’t even started!! 0.- Oh dear.

Oh well. I suppose God has his plans.


I like MadTV, again. :P


  1. Tesco got sell nice toilet paper, if you're interested. =P

  2. Riiight. Thanks, Abel, for your most enlightening comment. :P


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