Friday, December 18, 2009

Youth Camp 2009

at Nan Hwa High School.

Many people would not like it there because of the:-



Prison-like environment



and more.. I can’t nit-pick.

But, it has many pros, too, like:-

Big, spacious places and halls

Many courts for games

Big place to run around

Many meeting spots

Wooo. :P

I can’t complain. It’s nice enough, and once you don’t bother about the flies and the heat, it’s quite a nice place :).

The aunties selling drinks sure made a profit out of us. :P. I think they put ginger in all their soups to make us buy more drinks! Eeviiill!!


We played many ice-breakers. This year, we had the most ice-breakers. We didn’t call them “games” --- “ice-breakers”.

We played, in no particular order…

The Balloon Snatch-and-Sit Game! :)

Cat and Mouse

“Let me see your ________” (Not body parts, lah)

Carol Humming

Pass the Action

Elves and Reindeers

Captain’s (Qi Vin) ______


Uuuhhh. I can’t remember. Oh well :PP I assure you, got many others. :)

Then, group games! First, we planned our group name. Mine was “ESP”, short for “Evil Secret Police”, which is actually a misnomer, since we didn’t actually do any evil things… We actually are the most legal ever :P.

Then we had a cheer! The ESP didn’t rehearse the cheer. It was a kelam-kabut affair. So. yeah. :P And we’re all in the Almighty’s Secret Service, ASS. ME! HAH :P

The next group games, Inglorious Mafia, we had to find out 3 things --- who the Godfather is, what the priceless item is, and where it is.

We were actually very fast :P. But then, the refusal to get drugs from Jenny, the drug pusher, made us slow. We needed the “drugs” to get Samuel to talk, and give us the clue.

The “cast” for the Inglorious Mafia:-

The Godfather, Stephen Chua

Don Marcello, Samuel

Don Angelo, Qi Vin

Don Tojo, Stephen Chua

Carlotta, Serene

La Porcetta, Yi Wen, the bad sadistic marshmallow vendor!!!

The Drug Dealer, Jenny

The Money Lender, noisy Debbie

The Banker, cool Vincent

The Immigration Officer, Kirsten

The Border Guard, Kai Bing

The Jailer, Timothy

The Politician, Oh uh. I’ve forgotten >.<’ Aunty Huey Ching’s Son :)

ESP got 2 out of 3 questions right, and we were the most legal! We got the most Sporting group! Woo :P.

We had Christmas Celebrations on the last night… and dorm war, too. Though I was asleep. I heard it was messy. :P


GAaah! It all passed so quickly!! :(. Now I wished I stayed up later. Haha :P.


Time for Sessions.

Session 1

It’s sort of like an intro to all about the other sessions. The key verses are Colossians 1:9 – 14. It is about Paul’s Prayer for the Colossians.

She then told us about 4 characteristics of a life that is pleasing to the Lord, which are:-

Fruit Bearing in every good works

Growth in the knowledge of God

Being Strengthened with all power

and Joyfully giving thanks to the Father at all times :)


Session 2 – Bearing Fruit

Key verse for this session is John 5:1 – 1. It talks about Jesus being the Vine, and we as the branches, and that we have to stay connected with him to bear fruit, outward fruit, and inner fruit.

Staying connected – abiding in him.

3ps of abiding – Plan devotional Time

                       Practice Primary Spiritual Disciplines

                       Pursue God with All your Heart

Abiding is not forced, it is an act of faith and desire. You choose, abide in him, or not.


Session 3 – Knowing God

Key Verse is Jeremiah 9.23 and Ecclesiastes 1:2, 2:17

It talks about how life is meaningless, even though the writer, Solomon, who had everything he wanted, without knowing God.

Then Aunty Huey Ching tells us that the actual Lord’s Prayer is John 17. The more popular “Lord’s Prayer” is more like a “disciples’ prayer”.

She tells us we need a relationship with God to know him. A relationship with him being the father, and us being the children (John 1:12).


Session 4 – Making Disciples

Key Verse is Mat. 28:16 – 20 and Tim. 2:3 – 4.

We are fishers of men, like the apostles were :). But now, we’re usually just doing the pleasurable church activities…

We have to be available to God’s calling, to go wherever he sends.

She tells us not to fear sharing the gospel to others, for fear indicates a lack of trust in God.

Mission starts with worship, they go hand in hand.

Availability and obedience. Obedient to God’s calling.

She also says that baptism is what Jesus desires, for the verse says “baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and of the Holy Spirit”. Because although baptism is just an outward sign, non-believers think that only when you are baptized, you are a Christian.


That’s it…..? :)


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