Thursday, November 26, 2009


I like books. Books are nice. They are fun. Books have many uses. They can be read, they can make you look as if you are reading, they can be used as a shield, they can be used as a weapon, they can be a decoration……

But please, don’t use your book as a door stop (well, maybe the Twillight series)! Surely, it deserves more respect than that!

Do you know how much time is given just to make ONE book(that is, if you buy a good hardbound-cover book, not some chipplak one :P)?


I still think Sasuke’s hair is like a chicken. and Edward Cullen’s hair is pure ridiculous, and so is Christopher Khoo’s.

Huhuhuhu :P

1 comment:

  1. oi! its 'ciplak!' not 'chipplak!' HAAHAHAHA

    i agree to your last statement! :D


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