Monday, November 9, 2009

Jon has a theory :P.

The theory that as we grow older, we want to do more childish stuff. BUT, there’s a difference – childish people doing childish things and mature people doing childish things.

Lets analyze:-

Childish People doing childish things:

Doing it for attention

To annoy people (for attention)

To assert their “importance” and “power”

and dot-dot-dot. The main factor here is “ATTENTION”.

Mature people doing childish things:

For fun!

To push boredom away.

To liven the atmosphere :P.

and dot-dot-dot. The main factor here is “FUN”.

Hohoho! So, are you a mature, or childish person?

But of course, Jon’s theory may be flawed =/. Oh well. Haha

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