Thursday, November 19, 2009

Phase 2. :)

Time to play around with glue! and the G-clamps! and heavy, thick books.

I used my mother’s cross-stitch thread :P Very thick and colourful. Beautiful! :)


Youth camp is only…. about a month away!

and yet, so many things still not done. Oh dear, I wonder how. But I suppose it’ll happen if God wills :).


Christmas! Ting ting ting-a-ling!

Faster do your Christmas shopping now, while you have money! Remember to get something for me for reminding you!! Something good! Like… paper!


Oh my goodness! Beautiful marbled paper! Expensive! Smooth! How exquisite!! Por mooi!!


:P Forgive the noisiness of this post. HAHA!

I blame this on NICOLEYEANKARMUN, who types in all caps. Very contagious --- it spread to me, too :(. Oh nuu! What happened to good punctuation?


Oh well :P

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