Monday, March 22, 2010

“Gonna be, gonna be, gonna be alright!”

Gonna Be All Right – Hillsong London :).


Time to give birthday presents to people who wouldn’t expect it >;D.

Or maybe I’m just a little too free, which I’m not. But what am I doing here. Eep!


So, Jon is currently occupied with orders from people (about 10+ books already!). Didn’t really expect such a response, but, ah, maybe it’ll force me to  improve my bookbinding skills. Haha :). I really hope that this doesn’t make bookbinding something like a task I must do, but stay as a fun hobby that helps me earn :P.

More on bookbinding – Falkiners! Bookbinding supplies! Aaah! And it’s in London!! –hint hint, Sam! :P- But it’s so expensive. But then, I can increase my prices :P. But never mind, I shall make do with what I have in Ipooooh. Lalala.


Freud vs. Jung. Who will win?!

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