Thursday, March 25, 2010


I am often surprised how detached emotionally I can be --- I can’t really share in someone’s joy, or in someone’s sorrows, in someone’s pain or in someone’s hurt. It’s as if the emotion “switch” in me is flicked ‘off’. But that’s not to say I don’t experience any emotions, it’s just that my empathy just seems to have ran off.



A friend lost his dog today. Poor thing, he was so happy when he had it, just about a week ago. Then she became sick, very sick. The vet said that she can only be healed by a miracle.

So prayed for a miracle Contee and I did. Apparently, so did this friend, he really must’ve loved her very very much =/. But she passed on, anyway. Most probably to a better place.

But why? God didn’t answer our prayers. Or did he? A negative answer is still an answer, isn’t it? Most probably, God has a different plan for him. Or maybe God wants him to learn something. I know, so many maybe’s and probably’s. Why not just ask God :).


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