Monday, January 24, 2011

Just so you know


You know something is going wrong when every other post is to remind people that this blog isn’t dead, just yet.


Homework’s piling up. But I’m coping, oh yeahh, I’m coping! No tuitions for me, yet. So I actually have lots (well, compared to others) more spare time to do them. But then again, I’m lazy, and a procrastinator. NOT a good combination.

I made a daily schedule, with 2 hours of study, and another 2 for homework after school. Might as well throw it down the drain.


You MUST read this!

Stuff Christians Like, or SCL for short, is about… well… stuff Christians like. Read it lah! It’s hilarious! Yet, insightful. And the serious Wednesday posts are so ;’((((( yet ;’))))). I know, I’m not making sense. SO JUST GO READ IT.


Gong xi gong xi gong xi ni yaaa~

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