Thursday, April 9, 2009

Its Easter(or going to be)! Tralalalala~

He is risen,

He is risen,

and He lives,


Come on and celebrate,

the resurrection of the Lord!

I wonder why, but I like the older songs by Hillsong more. Their songs are so upbeat, even though they are without the “canggih-ness” of today’s music.

Lifting up the name of the Lord,

in power and in unity.

We will see the nations turn

Touching heaven changing earth

Touching heaven changing earth!

Then the verse that touches me is this:-

Send revival (send revival),

Send revival (send revival),

Send revival to us.

because I do think MYF needs a revival. Though some might beg to differ - “Didn’t we had a revival just about 5 months ago, at youth camp?” – but did everyone go? and those who went - yes, they were recharged there, but are their batteries slowly going empty? What they dared to do in camp, they daren’t do during our normal worship services. Is this because that the ambience in camp is more suitable for that?

While some might argue, “Now, we have to go school, do this, do that, we’re tired, busy – lots of problems in our minds, it’ll be harder”, but isn’t Sunday a day where you focus on nothing, but God?

Oh well. How complicated is this. and I just realized that this post took a rather wild turn, from happy Easter to…… this. Oh well, oh well, please bear with my “mood swings”, if you call it that, though I’m clearly not having any mood swings now, or so I think. Haha!

Anyways, Happy Easter!

Easter, isn’t Easter,

Till it happens in your heart.

Somewhere, deep inside you, is where Easter, really starts!

How unoriginal, but so what? Haha :P

P/S: CGMC MYF Easter Service – Sunday, 3:15p.m.. They are showing some video, so I heard. Do come!

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