Thursday, April 30, 2009


Oooh! It’s over!



Jenny’s House

Wear camp shirt and name tag, if you have.

- -- - --

I’m proud to say, I got there early! Mwhahaahahha! But unfortunately, the crazy squirrel was earlier!

The committee was already there to, with the exception of Cinderella, and Sue Jane.


Food - pizzas, pasta (made by Jenny), KFC! Oooh.. A truly fattening day!


We saw sketches, depicting what happened in camp. Then, the BBC created a dance, to the tune of the “Chicken Dance” song (chickens, birds…. see the connection? :P).


Charades! They imitated people, asking us to guess who are they impersonating.


Evil Zhi Yang and Darren accused Natasha of having a relationship with – of all people – me, just because they heard Natasha saying that Jenny's house’s balcony is “so romantic”, and they went “Ooooh, so romantic, with Wai Jon arr??”

This went on for a while, and I dare say Natasha was vexed to a certain degree.

Worse of all, after pairing me up with Natasha, they made me wonder “what would Grace feel?!”. Sweat!

Oh well, oh well.

I do repeat, again, I like Grace, Natasha, Constance, Jo Ann, Melissa, Crystal…. them all, as sisters in Christ, and as friends. It’s rather too young for me to be ber-dating now, or any boy/girl-friend relationships.


Oh, please don’t think I’m angry, I’m not. Haha :P.

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  1. lol. of course we're all too young to ber-dating. no offense to the ppl who already got into a relationship. :\

    ehehehe. so you really pernah like Grace Lee? ooh. you never told me. :\ happy birthday in advance! (:


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