Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Prayer for Owen Meany

By John Irving.

Blank Expression

Tis quite an incredible book, about this guy, named Owen Meany. Owen Meany has an incredibly small stature, and he talks in a permanent scream. His dialogue is written in all capital letters.

Owen Meany thinks that he is a child born with a destiny, a child born to be used by God, a child that is an instrument of God. This is indicated by him not trying to change what God gave him, that is, his voice, small size……, even when given the chance to.

John Wheelright, who is Owen Meany’s best friend, narrates the story. John’s mother is killed by a stray baseball hit by Owen Meany, so indirectly, Owen Meany killed his best friend’s mother. Owen is also the cause of John being a Christian.

The central theme of this book is spiritual issues, such as the importance of faith, matters of social justice, and the concept of fate.

I do recommend this book :).


Book Cover, with the armadillo doll John Wheelright and Owen Meany adored.

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