Friday, April 3, 2009

Talking to…. Me


I do realize that I talk to myself, despite what others might think. Though, sometimes I don’t. Heh!

Even if I do not make out the sounds, I have to at least mouth the words that form my thoughts. Bad, bad habit!

For instance, during lunch(or was it dinner?) in ISCF, there was this dish that looks like “gu lu yok”, but after biting it, doesn’t taste like it. So I was, thinking and – not realizing it – talking to myself out loud:” Is this chicken? No la, its fish. Eh wait, is this really fish? Should be chicken!!” and then after eating the whole thing, “Eh.. this tastes like fish la……”. And that went on for a while.

Then Yean Kit(right?), who was sitting next to me, went:” You’re so weird! Why are you talking to yourself?!”, or something to those lines. I was surprised, and then got “malu”, and forgotten whether if its really fish or not. Sigh, sigh.

At least, after thinking awhile, I know its fish!!


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