Monday, January 25, 2010


I truly thank God for the worship session yesterday during MYF. It was truly.. refreshing. That’s the reason why I was hyper that day, you see :P.

I, for once, didn’t care how badly/good the band played. It was just on God :). Thank you, for answering my prayers.


School! Ouish. I do not like homework =/, especially if the teacher doesn’t like my handwriting (and I’m already using the super-neat italics). Gaah! Talk about nit-picking.

What’s more, the school exercise book’s paper is super low quality --- it feathers, and bleeds through. I’m considering buying those higher quality books from outside and replace the covers. Blah.

But, no matter. For now, I’ll stick to writing on one side of the page, whatever the teacher may say. I recycle.


It is said that a fountain pen nib is equivalent to 37 ballpoints, as in, it can last as long as 37 ballpoints. Hahaha :P. But I suppose with care, a fountain pen nib can last a lifetime, and maybe even more.


Alright. I’ve ran out of things to randomly blog about. Haha :P

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