Friday, January 22, 2010

Busy busy donkey!

Homework is piling up terribly high. Thank God it’s Friday! But school’s on Saturday, too. To go or not? Eeep.

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What a week. I’ve turned my focus off God.. Time to turn it back, again. I wonder when will I finally be focused completely on Him, all the while, never distracted, never straying.

How wonderful that will be, with God in me, and I in Him.



Do you like bombastic words? I don’t like bombastic words. It usually just confuses and befuddles the readers, which is what a writer should aim not to do. Unless there isn’t another word that captures the precise meaning that the writer is trying to convey, then only it is better to use the bombastic word.

We shouldn’t try to make everyday news sound like some legal paper or thesis. It turns people off and gives the impression of a writer trying too hard to sound well-read and being plain pompous.

Bleh. Just my 5 cents, anyway.

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