Saturday, January 30, 2010


          I found out I like fiction based on history. Well, not exactly fiction, but history told fiction style, not like what you see in textbooks. Very informative and interesting :).

          I’ve been reading “Schindler’s List”. It tells of this person, Herr Schindler, who has his flaws (womanizing, drinking…), saving the Jews in Germany during the Nazi times. In other words, he is sort of a savior to the Jews. Very nice :). There’s a movie adaption, too.


Brooke Fraser’s new album is said to be out soon! Am looking forward to it.


          I can’t see how people can stand being the way they are, happy with the level they are at: not wanting to improve. It’s rather disappointing when you see a person doing the same thing for such a long time, and doing it as if he’s still new to it. Is this the perfectionist in me talking? I think not. Improvement is a must.

          I do think I am a perfectionist sometimes, in things I’m passionate about --- calligraphy, handwriting, drums… And I sometimes don’t live up even to my own standards. Sometimes I just wish I can do things sloppily and be happy with it. There are times that I do just that, but I’m not happy with what I produce --- sloppy,  crappy, work.

          But then again, I’d rather be trying, to achieve the best I can, and even more, than just doing the bare minimum. Maybe I AM a perfectionist. But oh well.


         Still, I’m also looking forward to the Singapore team coming to train us all! >:D



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