Sunday, February 7, 2010

But, really.

After finding out my dominant (one) spiritual gift --- Apologetics (surprisingly) --- I began “honing” my skills by reading.

Apparently, being an apologetic doesn’t mean debating and arguing, but defending and clarifying the truths of Christianity while drawing people in. Quite a hard job, if you ask me.

Sooo. I began reading. Online, of course. It started sounding like a psychology report. But then again, I was reading about the causes of atheism. I’d only got til halfway --- then I got lazy. I shall read the other half tomorrow, soon, sometime.


People say that Christianity is just fanciful thinking, a fallacy, imagination, good feeling. And I say, so what?

We humans are already so wretched, perverse, evil that we really need help, not from someone else --- as that someone else is also as bad as us --- but from who? God, I say. Some refer to God as “some higher power”, “forces”, this and that, all avoiding the big G-word.

And even though this notion of God is merely some imagination, I wouldn’t mind trying to accept that this God loves me, so much, that he gave his son to die for me on the cross, so that I may have eternal life. Heaven. I don’t have anything to lose, only to gain, for, as I said, we are already so wretched and evil; empty.

But, the amazing thing is that God promises us to do great, wondrous things through us, through our imperfections. Really, I gain. It’s as if there’s this person walking about, with a bag of clean clothes, offering to exchange people’s dirty, smelly clothes with his new, clean ones. But then, one might get too used with his old clothes, having connections too deep with it, sentimental.

Why must I change? I’m perfectly fine this way”, most say, “I don’t need this Jesus in my life, can’t you see I’m well-off without him?”. And then there’re the ones who just are unwilling to shed old ways, “I enjoy smoking, doing drugs, sleeping with every person I meet. It’s fun. Not like your boring, holy-holy routine --- I’m partying, I’m a party-er, I live to partay!”

But sadly, these people realize too late that smoking leads to suffering, lung cancer, among other things; drugs to addiction, sickness; fornication may lead to STDs, broken hearts, lifes; partying can just go meaningless in an instant.

As I said, you’ve nothing to lose. You won’t lose your successes when you accept Christ, you won’t lose your health, your life. All you have to do is ask Jesus earnestly in prayer to come into your life, as simple as that --- no writing names with blood, slitting of wrists, piercings, nada.

Well really, it’s your choice. But I’d rather live for a deluded purpose, than have no purpose at all.

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