Friday, February 12, 2010

Mere Christianity

After hours (really!) of trial and error --- playing around with the software and the printer, wasting lots of paper --- I finally printed “Mere Christianity”! And no, I didn’t print odd pages 1st, then flip back and printed the even pages --- I imposed the pages.

What is imposition, you ask. Well, you see, books are bound after the papers are folded into signatures (bookbinding lingo here, heh), which are papers folded into half. This then, if printed normally, will jumble up the order. So, imposition is needed to jumble it up first, so they will be in perfect order when they are folded into signatures.

I think I lost you, ask Google for clarification. Hahah :P.

I intend to bind it. Hohohoho!


Woaaah, it’s already 12! Good night/morning :).

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  1. A must read for all. If you don't believe or have doubts about faith, you will want to read this book.


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