Wednesday, February 10, 2010

“Termasya Larian Tahunan SMGR”

3.5km only. I would say it’s an improvement for me --- I jogged almost all the way! Although it’s called “larian”… I don’t think I can stand running 3.5km non-stop. Hahaha. Jon needs more stamina.

It was fun. I think I might take up jogging or running :D. But then again, time doesn’t permit… Unless I jog back from school everyday, but that’s just folly: jogging with my heavy school bag, with all the books and things to be carried by hand = easy target for kidnappers (as if anyone would want to kidnap me), snatch thieves (my pens!), rapists (yeaah, right) and various other scary uncles.


Did I tell you that I’ve class tambahan now? It’s after school, 3:30 til 5.30 in the evening. Seeing that going back home then coming out again would be tedious, I would stay-back after school. Even the once eagerly expected Fridays are now bogged down with them – 12 – 1, 3:30 – 5:30. Siiiighhhh.

So, 7:30a.m. till 5:30p.m. is 10 hours. Absolutely tiring.

24 – 10 = 14.

14 – 8 for sleep = 6.

6 – 2 for eating, drinking, shower….. = 4.

4 – 3 for homework, study, all that at home = 1.

1 hour! Oh mi gossh! What am I doing here?!

And dear parents still want me to go for tuitions. Gaaah.

Thank God for sick teachers, teachers on leave, busy teachers…..


No matter, no matter.

I shall still, to quote Yi Wen, smile rainbows[?]. :D.

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  1. LOL. Yeah. Teachers should be kind to themselves and not come into class so often =D


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